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BLACKBARRETT, Sartorial Staples

Sep 20, 2018

English designer, and former Gucci associate, Neil Barrett, brings you BLACKBARRET. BLACKBARRETT is Neil Barrett’s 2nd line, carrying all the original mainline fits but at an affordable price point. ...

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A Praise to Eternity

Aug 29, 2018

Francesco Ragazzi, formerly the art director at Moncler, started Palm Angels in the form of a coffee table book which incorporated motifs of LA and the skateboarding scene within it....

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Love & Peace

Aug 20, 2018

Japanese designer, Saburo Hamanaka, brings us “Roar Guns”. The brand’s logo is two crossed guns named the peacemakers. This birthed from their western themed collection from the SS04 collection. The...

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To Create Something, You Must First Destroy.

Jul 31, 2018

Since his 2015 launch, Ben Taverniti’s Unravel Project aims to disrupt the fashion industry. Being worn by the likes of the Hadids, Jenner’s, and Rihanna, Taverniti has become a staple...

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Going Monochrome With Owens Corp.

Jul 21, 2018

Rick Owens has never been one for subtlety. Many of his pieces feature biblical references in muted tones. His consistent output of dark and twisted vibes has propelled him to...

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A closer look at the Off-White Pre-Fall Collection

Jul 06, 2018

Steaming is a key part of keeping your garments crisp and ready to wear. This week’s editorial features Virgil’s Off-White women’s pre-collection. Products pictured include the scarf leather moccasin, embroidered...