The Emotional and Diverse World of Willy Chavarria's SS24 Collection

Willy Chavarria has consistently carved out a distinctive niche in the fashion world, known for his ability to blend streetwear, sportswear, and high fashion with a deep cultural narrative. Since launching his eponymous label, Chavarria has used his collections to explore themes of identity, masculinity, and community, often drawing from his own Mexican-American heritage. His designs are not just clothing; they are statements, stories, and symbols of his experiences and influences.

Chavarria's Spring/Summer 2024 collection, presented in the grand lobby of Manhattan's Woolworth Building, is described by him as his most emotional to date. Chavarria delved deep into personal and cultural influences for SS24. The designer highlighted the "machismo" of earlier generations, represented by the hats his father and grandfather wore while working in the San Joaquin Valley fields. These hats, adorned with red roses, became a central motif, symbolizing a redefined masculinity that resonates through the collection.

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The SS24 collection is a rich tapestry of styles, seamlessly blending sportswear, eveningwear, streetwear, and underwear. White blazers paired with ultra-wide trousers and large boutonnieres set a sophisticated tone, while casual sweaters with Spanish text and below-the-knee shorts brought in a more relaxed, yet thoughtful vibe. The duality in Chavarria's design ethos is evident, with ensembles like red athletic shorts paired with a faded double-breasted blazer, bridging the gap between casual and formal, past and present.

The introduction of new categories, such as underwear, further showcased Chavarria's versatility. Tank tops and underwear were intentionally deconstructed, reflecting a theme of vulnerability and dystopia experienced by today's youth. This darker undertone was balanced by the romantic elegance of three gowns in red, black, and white, each with dramatic trains that added a touch of couture to the collection. This contrast of destruction and beauty underscores Chavarria's ability to capture complex emotions and societal themes through his designs.

Chavarria’s SS24 collection ultimately defies singular classification. It is not just sportswear, eveningwear, or tailoring; it is a blend of all, worn together in a harmonious yet provocative manner. This collection, titled "New Life," is an exploration of heritage and modernity, blending influences from different eras within the Latin community, from the '30s to the future. The show's finale, featuring breathtaking cape-dresses in red Japanese silk and white recycled polyester, left a lasting impression, highlighting Chavarria’s emotional connection to his work and his commitment to storytelling through fashion.

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