KENZO x Verdy

With the arrival of this collection in store, the recent partnership between Kenzo and VERDY stands out as a highly anticipated and exciting venture. The collaboration between Kenzo's Creative Director, NIGO, and the artist VERDY, who share a longstanding friendship, has resulted in a collection that combines VERDY's bold and playful aesthetic with NIGO's approach for the brand.

VERDY is a graphic artist from Osaka, known for his iconic projects Girls Don't Cry, Wasted Youth, his panda-rabbit character Vick, and most recently Visty. VERDY is well known for his use of bold graphics and vibrant colors exploring themes of youth culture, rebellion and nostalgia and has cited a blend of skateboarding, hip-hop, and manga as influences for his creations. His work provides a distinctive perspective on the fusion of Japanese and Western streetwear aesthetics, a seamless complement to Nigo's vision for Kenzo.

This collaboration showcases a fresh interpretation of the Kenzo identity, with the signature Kenzo font elegantly integrated across an array of pieces, spanning from ready-to-wear apparel to accessories. A notable highlight of this collection is the introduction of a new monogram, a product of VERDY's artistic reimagination of the brand name. Granting VERDY the creative freedom to present the iconic 'Kenzo' in an uncapitalized version has breathed new life into the visual identity of the brand.


This collection is available in store and will soon be available online.