Buy Canada Goose Online

 Buying a Canada Goose Jacket online can be tricky.  There have been many websites based in China selling counterfeit Canada Goose Parkas and Jackets.  There are several ways you can tell if the website is fake.  The first clue is if the company does not list their contact phone number or address.  A counterfeit website will only list a contact email address or have a contact form.  They will not list a phone number because they do not want to be reached by their customers.  The second clue is the website URL.  Canada Goose does not sell directly to the consumer.  They support retail stores and in return can be sold all around the world by reputable authorized retailers.  If the website URL contains anything similar to, then it is most likely a counterfeit website.  Canada Goose also lists their authorized retailers on their own website (  

We have started receiving brand new 2013-2014 Canada Goose inventory.  Please inquire early so you are not disappointed in the early Winter.  We tend to sell out of many colours and sizes by the first snowfall.  Hart and Sole has the largest selection of Canada Goose Parkas, Jackets, Vests and Accessories in Vancouver, BC Canada.  We are conveniently located in the shopping district of downtown Vancouver, BC Canada.  We are within reach of many major hotels making it an easy access outlet for many tourists and passerbys.  

Although Hart and Sole Clothing does not sell Canada Goose products directly from our website, we do accept phone or email orders to be shipped within North America.  We cannot and will not ship overseas.  It is a policy held strictly by Canada Goose.  

Please contact us at (604) 630-9151 by phone or by email at