How to pack your Canada Goose parka


It's officially Spring and it is time to say good bye to the cold and store away your precious Canada Goose parka for the next season.  It is very important to properly store your Canada Goose parka to help preserve it for the years to come.  Follow the steps below when it is time to put it away.

  1. Store your jacket or parka in its cleanest condition.  Please refer to the product care label for specific washing instructions.  Failure to do so will void its lifetime warranty.
  2. Remove the fur and hang it vertically if possible.
  3. Use a wide hanger to let the parka hang freely.  Place it in a dark and moisture free environment.
  4. Use a breathable garment bag for protection from dust and dirt.
  5. Also, please refer to the Canada Goose website for a step by step video: